Heavy and Exceptional Cargos Transportation

AGTT’s Department of Heavy and Exceptional Cargos has been specialized in the logistic support and customized transport for special projects in Morocco and abroad.

Thanks to its modular park of 50 hydraulic axle lines and trailers extensible up to 40 meters, AGTT has been the only Moroccan company having its own special rolling park to manage huge projects and transport heavy and except cargos.

Thanks to its recent equipment, AGTT has been able to transport cargos of a unit weight going up to 1,400 tons.

A broad range of services for the transport of heavy equipment like:
  • Electrical production (thermo plants, Wind farms).
  • Shipyards.
  • Civil engineering work.
  • Port constructions etc .....

  • Diversified means of transport (trucks, heavy equipment transport, hydraulic trailers for cargos of more than 1,400 tons).
  • Special trailers dedicated to the transport of wind elements (pipe-carrier, big length extensible trailers…).
  • Lifting means necessary to the handling of heavy and exceptional cargos (mobile and lifting cranes and carriages…).
  • Transport facilities adapted to the transport of the heaviest loads.
  • Our special vehicles and hydraulic platforms for the transportation of cargos through national and international territory.